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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about this English camp?

You will have a whole week to practice your English - not only during lessons - but also as you SPEAK and spend all day with Americans while having fun together in the Carpathians. The camp is a week full of fun and new friendships, as you improve and use your English skills through speaking.

What is the history of the camp?

This will be our 13th camp. Our first camp was held in 2008. To date the camp has hosted more than 500 students from different universities, allowing them the unique opportunity to SPEAK English with native speakers while having fun and thinking about life.

Where will the camp take place?

The camp will be located at Легенда Шаян, in the village of Шаян, in Zakarpattia.

Who can attend the camp?

The camp is for Ukrainian students studying in Lviv who are at least 17 years old.

Who organizes the camp?

Leopolis Molodiy is a Christian student organization consisting of Ukrainian students from different confessions and universities. It's a community where students seek the truth, serve the city, and enjoy time with one another. Throughout each week, we have meetings and discussions on various themes, English film nights, parties,and different service projects throughout the city. To find out more, visit the Leopolis Molodiy Instagram account or follow our Telegram channel.

What is a typical daily schedule at the camp?

The daily schedule includes: 1 English lesson, 1 English Bible lesson, hobby classes, sports (American football, baseball, golf, frisbee), different games, free time, evening discussion on a Christian theme, singing English and Ukrainian songs, and an evening program with games, performances and other activities.

What are the Bible lessons and what are the Christian themes?

The camp will include a daily Bible reading in English and a short discussion. Each night there will be brief discussion on a Christian theme related to the day's Bible reading. These discussions are designed to help and encourage you to think for yourself about life in light of the Bible's truths.

How can I sign up for the camp or apply to attend?

If you are interested in attending the camp, you must attend an interview session where your English level will be evaluated as well as your potential fit for the camp. Bring your friends with you, and we'll have a great group of campers again this year! Register here if you'd like to come.

When and where are interviews?

The interviews will be held in Ivan Franko Park, in front of the Bulgarian Consulate, Monday May 17 and Tuesday May 18. Click here to see more.

How many students attend the camp?

Typically, between 30-35 students are accepted. In total, there will be about 80 people at the camp including students and staff.

How many native English speakers will be at the camp?

There will be about 20 American English speakers from various states within the USA.

What is the price to attend the camp?

1000 UAH. However, you will be required to pay for a PCR COVID Test prior to coming to camp to prove that you are COVID free.

What is included in the price of the camp?

Transportation to and from the camp, all lodging costs, and 3 meals a day. Also included: a full week of high-quality English lessons, different hobby and life-improvement classes, the chance to experience American sports and culture,etc. And, as a bonus, you will enjoy the fresh mountain air of Zakarpattia, incredible mountain views, and the opportunity to make new friends!

How do I get to the camp?

Transportation from the center of L'viv will be organized and provided to and from the camp. Transportation is included in the price of the camp.

Can I attend only a portion of the camp?

No. In order to enjoy all that the camp offers, students must be present for the entire camp.

Can you tell me about the staff and the people leading the camp?

The camp leadership includes about 20 Americans, many of whom have been involved with the English camp for the last several years. There will also be about 12-15 Ukrainian staff members who have attended previous camps. Click Here to find out more about the camp staff.

Can I have visitors at the camp?

Only family is allowed to visit. Family visitors are required to pay for all their own expenses.

What are the camp rules?

Below are some of the main camp rules:

  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs.

  • No smoking in buildings.

  • You are responsible for any damage to property.

  • Do not leave the camp area without permission.

  • Do not be in rooms of the other gender after “lights out."

  • Please let others sleep at night.

  • You must be present for the entire week. Unless there is an emergency, you may not come late and may not leave early.

  • Only family may visit. Family visitors are required to pay for all their own expenses during their visit.

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COVID Information

There are some special protocols involved with this year’s camp because of the ongoing pandemic. To reduce the risk of spreading COVID throughout the camp, we will have the following requirements for the camp:

Every person coming must get a PCR test on Friday, July 2 before camp. A negative result is required to come to camp. (This is at each student’s own expense.)

Every person will also receive an express test on Sunday, July 4 before boarding the bus (students do NOT need to pay for this test; it is paid for by the camp).

Bring a mask. Most events will not require a mask, but occasionally when in large groups we will wear masks.

If anyone at the camp tests positive for COVID while at camp (we will have express tests on site), camp will unfortunately end immediately, and we will arrange for transportation back to Lviv. (There will be no refunds at this point.)

If for any COVID-related reason you cannot come to camp (positive PCR or Antigen test, COVID symptoms, contact with COVID positive person in the last week), then your завдаток will be refunded to you.

Other measures at camp to reduce the spread of COVID: mostly outdoor activities, majority of activities in small groups, surface sanitation between meals, mostly separated sleeping arrangements, and socially distanced on the bus ride.

Even with all these protocols, we have tons of activities planned to make this the most fun and amazing camp of your life!

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